Yes on Measure A, Santa Barbara County Transportation Sales Tax

Whitehurst/Mosher managed the campaign for Santa Barbara’s self-help half-cent sales tax dedicated to transportation. The campaign received 78.6% of the vote — the first time any ballot measure had achieved more than the two-thirds required vote in Santa Barbara County history. Measure A funds Santa Barbara’s transportation plan for repairing, maintaining and improving roads, and easing congestion through the expanded use of buses, bikes and trains. Whitehurst/Mosher focused on three core strategies to win:

  • An aggressive community engagement strategy of obtaining endorsements from every geographic, ideological, and community of interest of the County
  • Communicating the campaign messages through broadcast television and radio
  • ncreasing pro-tax vote margins through voter registration and turnout operations at UCSB and within other likely pro-tax constituencies

Santa Barbara County now has hundreds of millions of dollars in transportation funding for decades to come.

Whitehurst/Mosher has passed several transportation funding measures including: Measure B in Alameda County, Measure J in Contra Costa County and Regional Measure 2 in the Bay Area.